Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hay Bales study in Oil and Pastel.

"Round Bales at Dusk" 
Oil on board 10 x 8" 

My latest painting consisted of some attractive looking Hay Bales we met on a way to our veterinarian office the other day. I had to retun there with my camera and get few pictures. I did some photo adjustments and then painted those round things first in Pastels and then in Oil too. 

"Round Bales at Dusk"
Pastel on Wallis 12 x 9"

With questions about paintings e-mail me at TanyaOfOz@aol.com .
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Mountain Study #5. Oil on board.

"Mountain Study #5" Oil on board, 8 x 10"

This study was started in Holbein DUO Aqua Oils on Aquabord by Ampersand. i started it as aqua-media painting and finished up with traditional Charvin oils. It was great exercise what let me take advantage of unique qualities DUO oils applying it to "Aquabord". I think I like it. 
Available on e-bay unframed. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Into The Light" Egg Tempera & Oil Cymbidiums. Finished!

"Into The light" 
Egg tempera and Oil on board. 12 x 9" 
I'm happy to mention  that I finally called this painting finished.
 It was one of those works what I just can just keep going and gong.
But sometime it should be right time to stop, even perhaps you could do more with it...
Now the only "more" part I have to do - varnish it and frame it... sometime.
As for now I just have to leave it along and let it dry.
I also will have to start shopping for frame, what is always fun part.
Good possibility it will be a nice California Plain Air style frame...
kind of like this one, what I Photoshopped together with painting , just to see, if I like it... and yes I do!

I'm pretty sure I'm ready for another project now and that one will be a complicated one...
I'm testing some of my new ideas and approaches of handling my Oil Pastels... If everything will work out, how I predicted, it could be interesting new way of painting...
But this will make totally different post for this blog.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Perez Fine Art Gallery July-2011 show.

Another Fine Art Exhibition by Perez Fine Art Galleries was open online today and will be running till July 15.  Results will be published on July 18th.

This time
I have my floral painting" Orchids in Ruby Glass entered at  in realism category
as one of Guest-artists.
Please take a look at this beautiful exhibition!

Everybody is welcome to vote for their favorite artist.   

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Cattleya Trio" Oil on board. 8 x 8"

"Cattleya Trio" Oil on board. 8 x 8"

My latest Orchid painting with oil and alkyd on Ampersand board.
 I'm going to do few of those smaller studies as preparation to my full-size Orchid series. Small works will be available on e-bay and big versions as always - directly from me or at one of galleries 
what representing my art works.. Please contact for more information, if interested.


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