Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kiwi in tempera/oil combination. Tempera stage #1.

Beginning of tempera painting over imprimatura is looking exiting and mysterious.  I have to change amount of egg medium to make sure that paint works for me the way I like it... And most of the time it is successful. I can not wait to see this finished, BUT... to have it finished well, I will have to take my time...
... to be continued ...

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Friday, September 23, 2011

New Still Life with Kiwi. Update #1.

I finished my work with ink and sealed whole painting with initial layer of oil. It has to be very correct, but doesn't really have to be totally perfect at this stage... And it is not perfect. Claybord is not the easiest surface for Oil paints, but after it took the primary layers, things will be getting easier and more controllable. I;'m very much looking forward to it.
My next step will be value modeling in tempera. Much more complex, compare to the ink version.
Looking forward to start on it! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Life with Kiwi. WIP.

Another show project and it is just what I called it - still life with kiwi. When finished it will be one more Oil painting, but mean while I'm working on underpainting with india ink and now it is more-less watercolor. This stage is the most complicated and most important. I'm working on Ampersand Claybord and didn't make my final choices on how exactly I want to see it finished just yet... 
I still have time, I just wish I would have more of it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back from Wyoming.

Soon it will be a month after my last blog post.. This summer keeps me away from posting, one thing happened after another and I only have so much time to do it all. 
This month I pulled my husband Jim off his job to make me a company during my trip to the West.   
 It was very intensive event, lots of driving, visiting  Wyoming and Idaho, staying for a while at art Mecca - Jackson Hole, cruising Tetons and Yellowstone with my new camera.
Trip was totally priceless and it was a great opportunity to finally meet some of my friends with whom we only wrought each other online... for years. But never met in person till now.
After few days in Jackson, Jim and I  went to see   Gary Keimig @ Silver Sage gallery in Duboise.
 If we ever will be at Jackson and will have some extra time to spend this is definitely place to visit. Road to Duboise is all about beautiful scenery and you have a great chance to meet all the sorts of wildlife there... especially if you will  pull of main highway. We saw eagles, grizzly bear and many landscapes to die for. Sure I'm going paint some of it, but not all at the same time. Meanwhile I'm suggesting you to visit (OK, just virtual visit this time, but maybe if next time you are in Wyoming you will stop by to see his beautiful paintings!)


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