Saturday, October 24, 2015

"Touch of Fire", Pastel.

"Touch of Fire", 8 x 10"
Pastel on Pastelbord.

Painted this small piece mostly from memory as I have painted it before.
I started this as demo painting for my pastel class I teach
this month at Mechanicsburg Art Center and Galleries.
In this class students learn about various ways of
utilizing of underpainting for pastel work.
This piece combine value toning of the surface
with watercolors and finished with pastels.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall at New England... with some pastels!

Untitled 6 x 9" location sketch.
Pastels on Wallis paper.

We with my friend Claire Barnwell just returned from our trip to CT,
 where we were painting and enjoying beauty of New England's Fall.
I ended up with only 4 paintings this time, but brought
much reference materials to play with.
We were blessed with wonderful weather,
met some of my old friends, and I was happy to introduce m
my friend to my favorite Pastel-Guru, Richard McKinley.
We had wonderful time, many adventures and
some repeated misfortunes with our car...
What didn't prevent us from painting.
I will be posting more photos with the time, as I get to it.


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