Sunday, April 19, 2009

Portrait of Veronika.

This is a painting that is few month old. Actually this one is just got dry, because it is mostly oil (something what I DON'T like when I'm working with oils!). It is a portrait of my God Daughter, Veronika.

Originally I did her photoshoot and later painted one of her photos in Holbein Aqua-Duo. I like this painting of her for the reason that it is exactly how I see that girl - something slightly out of this World.


Wenatchee River. WIP.

Lately I only had some time to work at nights and it goes slow, but I couldn't miss and opportunity to try another one of Phill Bates great photos after I finishes with CA green hills... I'm not sure, if I'll be able to complete this one till the end of this month (since it was a WC  monthly challenge after all!), but I hope I can. So far it is half done. This is my version of Wenatchee River.

11 X 14, La Carte.
Mixed soft pastels and pastel pencils.
Graphite underpainting.

PS. Still have some major problems with my camera, so colors are somewhat approximate.
And finally - finished version. Time to frame it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Met with our friend, Karen, this morning. She is taking photography lessons and has a lot of fun with it. She told me that sometime during this week they should take a picture of waterfall and she is thinking where to find, or how to make one... I thought it should be something very special - shooting of waterfall, but really: where to find one locally?.. Afternoon had to go and meet with another good friend and then it happened - we stop in a little place called "Roadside America" to look at miniature village. It had it all - little houses, fields, mountains... waterfalls to. And this is when and how I took a picture of this waterfall. I totally love it. It reminding me some sort of glass work with all the crystal and fire in it... probably I may paint it some day.

And just few days later we went to do some photoshoot of river and spring waterfalls and just a few miles away from home found this one!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Field Of Dreams.

Today I finally finished my latest landscape painting from original photo by Phill Bates.

Done as landscape challenge on Wet Canvas.

8 X 10 "

La Carte support.

Graphite, charcoal and white pastel underpainting (Derwent )
Holbein (soft pastels)
Nu pastels (hard ones)
Nuvel Carre Pastels (hard ones too)
Sennelier pastels (extra soft, just a hint of it)
Rembrandt (just a hint of it too)
Kooh-I-Noor (extra soft pastels)
Carbotello & Conte pastel pencils

Friday, April 3, 2009

New landscape this time on La Carte.

This particular work I finished over last few nights, since lately it is only time when I can work with my paintings. I don't have a name for it. Any suggestions ?...

La Carte support from Sennelier. Holbein and Kooh-I-Noor soft pastels, charcoal underpainting.

I really, really like my new box of Kooh-I-Noor, they are softer and smoother then extra soft Sennelier, if such a thing is even possible to achieve! 


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