Friday, January 31, 2014

News on "Constellation".

I was informed last week that my painting"Constellation" (oil)
will be included at Richeson-75 "Still Life and Florals 2014"
hard-covered book among other meritorious entries.
It didn't make it in a show this time, but was chosen for publishing.

"Sénanque Abbey", Pastel Étude.

"Sénanque Abbey", about 6x8"
Pastel on primed watercolor paper.
Self-made ground.

One more Étude on my home-made pastel ground applied over
Sennelier Academic watercolor paper.
I still continue playing with those grounds... more to come! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Half falls", 9x12" pastel on board.

One more test on my home-made pastel grounds.
Not very impressed with this one (the ground) a bit too much of a grain
for my preference. But it still does the job.

Looking forward to work more on surface testing...
Someday i hope to come up with something I will really like.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Tree Graces", pastel.

"Tree Graces", 6 x 6", Pastel.

My latest small pastel painting on self-prepared board. 
I'm remembering good old times in my chemical lab and playing with
own pastel grounds lately. I believe it is getting better.
This piece of board turned out to my total "like".
What I believe shows in my painting too.
Can not wait to jump to my next one!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Evening Vista", pastel.

"Evening Vista", 9x11", Pastel

Latest Pastel painting on UART 320 grit. 
Painted after 2011 workshop I was taking In Central PA with Richard McKinley.
This is totally new painting surface for me, but I think it works.

Location shot from 2011 Plein Air session.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

THE SALMAGUNDI CLUB, NY 2014 Annual Members' Show acceptance.

Just received very pleasant phone call earlier this week
informing me about the fact that my painting "Radiance" was juried in
THE SALMAGUNDI CLUB, NY 2014 Annual Members' Show.
Exhibition Dates: 
February – March 2014.
Reception date TBD (Pending Re-Opening of Upper Gallery)

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Touch of Gold", pastel.

"Touch of Gold", 11 x 14", pastel on Pastelbord.

Finished my painting from Longwood Gardens this night.
I believe place is called "Italian lake". Very beautiful place
with lot of to paint around. This time I was attracted
by ridge of bright Day-lilies, reflections of which in the lake
were as some kind of magic... That kind what I love to paint!..
This is my first painting both - started and finished in 2014.
I have somewhat slow start, but I like what I did this time.
Ready for next one!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Touch of Gold. Pastel, WIP.

I just started another pastel painting of another scene from Longwood Gardens.
When I saw it first I was memorized with those golden reflections and
knew immediately - I'm going to paint this place.

I still have some nice frames in 11 x 14" size and going to utilize one of those...
Therefore I had to start from appropriate size of board... I have white Pastelbord
in 11 x 14, but wanted to work on mid-value support. Therefore before I started
with my sketch, board was toned in sepia with fluid Acrylic.
For my sketch I used Carbotello pastel pencil.

When done with sketching part, I turned it into wash with alcohol.

Next step - application of dry pastel.

Another sectional wash over dry pastel with brush and water.

... and more of pastel!...
So far so good. Idea is - to finish this work sometime soon
and submit to the Gallery as part of "Garden Collection"
with two more freshly framed pieces.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Londwood Gardens, dreams of spring.

"Spring Garden", 11 x 14", Pastel on Wallis.

My last for 2013 and first for 2014 painting depicting beauty of spring
in one of my favorite spots in Pennsylvania - Longwood Gardens.
Abundance of tulips together with cascades of Wisteria..
What would be more joyful to paint in the middle of winter,
when we having one more ice storm?... 
It is finished and framed and soon to be available at
Brath and Hughes Fine Art, LLC - Mechanicsburg PA
together with few other newly finished art work.


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