Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Fields. Finish.

After all I finished it and framed. Looking good (at my opinion).

Now comes the hurdest question: what show to try out ?.... Mmmmm.....

Susquehanna River. Sketch. Plein Air. Soft pastel.

 Black Canson Pastel Paper

Holbein, Mount Vision

and other mixed soft pastels.

Spent about 30-40 min. tonight working on this Plein Air sketch. I like this place on Susquehanna, unfortunatelly weather and sky tonight didn't give me anything magnificent to work with. Oh, well, still pretty place! :-)

Magical woods. Sketch. Oil Pastel.

Cray Pass Specialist

Sketch book.

About 7 x 9"

This is a sketch of our local area in the woods (love that place!) that looks like something out of Lord Of The Rings.

I never can take good photos there - always not enough light. However occasionally I get something very special. 

This time I got a good pic. of trees with stone wall, partially demolished by time. Beautiful!... I'm going to paint it someday (and probably more then once) at something big and good. This time just a sketch.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July fields. Almost done!

I'm getting to the point to call it finished, but probably will work just some more tomorrow with the very front of this painting and hopefully will take a good photo of it.

I used even more different pastel brands on it, and even more pencils! Still - fron part doesn't look totally finished yet, but I have to stop for this night.

This is how approximately finished painting will look like.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another mini landscape WIP.

Have some bigger paintings in progress needed to be finished, BUT, here we are again - started on another small painting. I think main idea is - I need to have something finished in this life time! 

This is another painting of farmer's field behind of our horse barn. Very pretty colors, very romantic view. 

Like all my miniatures, shouldn't take too much time to finish. Started it this night, probably will be done with it by the end of weekend.

Ampersand Pastel board.
Some charcoal.
Holbeins,Terry Ludwigs , Mount Visions
And all the pastel pencils I have! 

Below: my reference and my WIP.

Below: WIP, about actual size.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Willow, plein air sketch.

Canson paper,       Pastel pencils

At the end of day we managed to get out for about whole hour of day light!... I did another Plein Air sketch with pastel pencils. This time it was a nice tall willow right on the middle of the swamp. Love swamps and moskitos - they keep people away, so I can paint! :-)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cove Creek. 4 x 6 Miniature. Finish.

And here is final touch to Cove Creek miniature. This will be its framed version.

Miniature Seascape - finish!

Today I managed to finish this one and even try a new frame on it. Love it (the frame!). I think it goes well with this style of small works. Also, I have the same frame for my other miniature of Cove Creek what I finished last month. Tomorrow hope to do some glass cutting and have them both ready to hung!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miniature Seascape in Soft Pastels. WIP.

I'm working on one more WIP and this one has some chance to be finished SOON, because it is so small. Main reason why I even started it in the middle of all our constructions.

This is a seascape of Mexican Gulf, 4 x 6 on Ampersand pastel board.
Yes, I downgraded 5X7  Standard Ampersand board with the help of my husbands saw... Worked just fine, so now it could be officially called "Miniature" !  

Interesting thing about this seascape - usually I'm working from smaller reference to bigger paiting, however with miniatures it works often just the opposit way around. 

Ampersand pastel board

Holbein and Mount Vision Soft Pastels

Mixed Pastel pencils.


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