Wednesday, June 25, 2014

More Plein Air painting!.. "Spring House", pastel.

"Spring House", Pastel,
sanded paper, 8 x 10"

Yesterday we got to paint on beautiful old farm somewhere in the middle of nowhere...
I want to tell Thank You to Cecelia Layden for such a wonderful treat. I love it there.
Even I was planning to paint on Wednesday, my husband convinced me to go on Tuesday,
I have another planes, but worked around it..It was great we made it there, because
next day paint out was canceled due to the weather issues.
Work I did there might go down to history as "last painting of Wallis Belgium Mist" I ever did.
This wonderful paper is still out of stock everywhere due to production issues.
Here is some glance of my painting process... enjoy!

Lastly I want to remind that there is still a time to sign for my upcoming Pastel Class
"Pastel landscape inside and Out" designed for both - studio and outdoor painters.
For more information please call to Mechanicsburg Art Center.

To see more of my work, please visit my web site and personal blog:

Friday, June 20, 2014

"One Day of Glory", Oil Pastel.

"One Day of Glory", 12 x 12",
Oil Pastel, Pastelmat.

Latest Oil pastel floral piece. this time I got to try Pastelmat
for my Oil Pastels... and I LOVE it!
I can do all the dry-brushing I want without shredding my brushes.
But still... this is the sanded surface and it grabs and holds Oil Pastels very well!
Also... I tried about all solvents I have on my shelf with this support,
 and it performed well with everything - water, mineral spirit, alcohol....
I may just have found another favorite support for Oil Pastel paintings.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"Creek- Side Willows", Pastel.

"Creek-Side Willows", 9 x 12", Pastel.

My latest pastel, first piece after Gettysburg Plein Air event.
This one painted from one of reference pictures taken during our latest trip
to Longwood Gardens, PA with Our group of Plein Air painters.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Gettysburg 2014, Day 3. "Plum Run".

"At The Plum Run"
8x10" Pastel.

Second day of  Gettysburg Paint Out will be remembered as total Wash Out.
I was going to participate in Quick Draw event, but it was just no way to work
with my pastels at downpour we got there...
So I was hoping to catch up on my painting on Friday...

 ...and this is how lovely our Friday drive was!...
Not much expectations. I was getting ready to paint IN my car,
if it what I have to do this day...

 When we arrived to the park, it was no more rain AND plenty of people.
Even several media guys wandering around,
taking pictures and recording us painting.

 Colors were outstanding out there... I totally enjoyed myself,
but would be even more happy, if it would be just not that hot!..
But we made it works somehow. At list it was no more rain.

 Myself and several more painters worked at Plum Run this afternoon
and everybody did beautiful job. It was hard not to get inspired!

...and then of course some of our friends stopped by too... what was great -
we didn't see each other for a while and Carol's family several of
our schnauzers... But they didn't have any today with them and neither did we...
it was way to hot for the dogs.

 I finished my painting and framing right on place to the frame I had ready for yesterday's
Quick Draw event. On a way home I dropped both my paintings
to the Gettysburg College Alumni House, where they will be a part
of Plein Air exhibition.
Many paintings what are displayed there were painting during this event.

To see even more please visit my personal blog:

or web site:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gettisburg Fest, Day 1.

 First Day at Gettysburg Fest. Weather is questionable, but we made it with
almost no rain.Today I was painting at "Devil's Dan".
My subject was rock formations with the back-drop of green forest.
I like what I ended up with and even had time to frame my work this evening.
Tomorrow - quick draw event. All we asking about:
"Please no rain!" We have significant storms every night, it is enough.
But who can tell anything for sure about the weather?...
Tomorrow is another day and we will see what it brings.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gettysburg Art Fest 2014.

This week I participate in Plein Air paint-out during Gettysburg Fest.
To read more about event please follow this link.
It is my first year at Gettysburg, looking forward to it, getting ready...
We are starting tomorrow!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Across of the River" and class @ Mechanicsburg.

"Across of the River", 7.5 x 10", Pastel.

My finished demo piece from 3 days pastel workshop @ Mechanicsburg.
Beautiful view of Susquehanna at West Fairview, PA.
(Currently offered at my DPW gallery)
I wasn't painting much during those 3 days, so this is the only finished study.
However I was pleasantly surprised with my students. It was a might bunch
and they were really up to learning... and so they did!

Above: beginning of the painting... Work of student.

Above: painting in progress. Work of student.

Above: one of finished paintings. Work of student.

I will be offering next landscape class in July/August.
Please contact Art Center for details.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pastel Landscape Painting class @ Mechanicsburg Art Center.

 From simple value sketch to multi-layers complex finished landscape painting...
This will be main idea of 3-days landscape class I'm giving this week
at Mechanicsburg Art Center and Galleries...
There will be more to it. Students will learn and try out different pastel surfaces,
approach to dry and wet pastel applications, various tools and techniques.
making of own panels and even framing of finished art work.

In July and August it will be another chance to join my pastel group
"Pastel landscape Inside and Out"
concentrating on fusion of both - Plein Air and studio techniques.
(Weather permitted)

For more information please contact Art Center.
You still have time to sign for either (or both!) classes.


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