Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Drama Queen", Pastel.

"Drama Queen", 12 x 12", Pastel on Wallis.

This is my latest pastel piece painted on no more available Wallis Belgium Mist
sanded paper. I still have few pieces of it, love it, but no reason to keep it precious...
When it all will be gone I'll switch to UART and see what happens.
After all, sanded paper is and only sanded paper...
this is a portrait of one of our Garden Lillies. I'm not sure what kind she is.
We got this single bulb on Lilitopia show at Longwood gardens.
 I didn't know they will have anything for sale and only had few bucks of cash on my pocket..
So we ended up with this beauty with no name. Beautiful, dramatic, especially in the dark.
I'm glad I finally got a chance to paint her... Love my lilies!


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