Sunday, September 26, 2010

"View from the Terrace" Oil Pastel landscape.

"View from the Terrace"
 10 x 8 ", RTX 280, OIl Pastels.

This was a Plein Air style painting of Kings Gap State park mansion what I just finished this weekend.
I'm planning this work to be a part of Plein Air exhibit during upcoming festival at Kings Gap in October.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oil Pastel Society "Transcendence" International show award.

Yesterday evening I received e-mail from Oil pastel Society starting that my painting "Koi Pond" was awarded second place at Professional/Signature category on annual members only OPS International show.
 It is a huge honor, way more that I expected. I'm thrilled and totally happy.

Quoted from
2010 Members' Only Online Show


"Koi Pond" Oil pastel by Tatiana Myers
2nd Place Professional/Signature category. 

View Transcendence 

Judged this year by Bill Creevy, Internationally known artist
Bill Creevy is a widely exhibited New York artist with over twelve solo shows to his credit and has had work represented in many group shows throughout the nation and abroad. Originally a native of New Orleans, Bill Creevy holds an MFA degree from Louisiana State University and a BA degree from the University of New Orleans.
Bill Creevy’s painting style is representational and he is at home in still life, landscape and figure painting. Creevy’s favorite medium is simply drawing but he has extensive knowledge of both pastel and oil painting. In fact Bill Creevy is the author of two professional level books on art technique: “The Pastel Book” & “The Oil Painting Book” both published by Watson & Guptill.
Both a writer and an artist Bill Creevy has had articles and reviews appear in “American Artist”, “Pastel Journal”, “Art in America” and “Artist’s” magazine. Among his many awards and honors are included the National Art Master’s Award for Pastel Teaching sponsored by American Artist magazine; and the Max Beckman Teaching Fellowship from the Brooklyn Museum. Creevy is also a signature member and Master Pastelist of the Pastel Society of America and is listed in Who’s Who in American Art.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Little Irises" on Pastelmat.

"Little Irises" 
6 x 4 ", Pastelmat, Pastels.
And even more Irises... Another small painting from the same reference what I;m using for my 20 x 16" Oil pastel work. Helps me with coordination of colors and just something fun to do.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

2nd Floor Gallery in Mechanicsburg offers visual arts in unique light |

Quoted from

  2nd Floor Gallery in Mechanicsburg offers visual arts in unique light |

Published: Thursday, August 26, 2010, 3:41 AM

Ellen Hughes

Despite its work-a-day name, Mechanicsburg has considerable charm and whimsy of its own, characterized by the 2nd Floor Gallery. I visited it, not for the first time, last week. The space is a perfect example of the benefits to be gained in the conversion and repurposing of an old building. It also gives artists the opportunity to display and sell their work to clients without having to be directly involved in that transactional process.

Until nine years ago, 2nd Floor Gallery was a working Presbyterian church in the heart of Mechanicsburg. The church moved to a new space, and now the site is devoted to the visual arts. It has more than 500 works regularly rotated from a much larger stash, representing almost every kind and every level of art.

Each month there’s a featured artist, and this month it’s Linda Buckwalter, whose day job is teaching math at the Harrisburg Area Community College. Her wholesome landscapes, florals and animals greet you when you open the door to the main gallery. That’s after you climb the creaky stairs and admire the old brickwork peeking through the plastered staircase wall.

What might distract you when you open that door to the gallery is the space itself, with its high ceiling, ecclesiastical light fixtures, sloping wooden floor and stained glass windows covered in translucent plastic because, according to Terry Kennedy, the executive director of 2nd Floor Gallery, they leak. Nevertheless, the windows let in a massive amount of natural light, aided by copious track lighting. You’re dazzled by light and color.

At the far end of the gallery, you can see the pipes of the organ; the organ is gone, but the pipes decoratively remain. On the wall, flanking what must have been the pulpit, is the vestigial worship service schedule, slotted into a little wooden display case. With the huge windows and whatever else remains from its previous incarnation, there is little room for wall display, but that problem has been solved creatively.

The space is divided by freestanding solid surfaces, diagonally sectioning off the huge room in a way that its pews must have done when it was a functioning church. There’s a stable of about 100 artists whose works are regularly exhibited, and because the displays are organized by artist whenever possible, each small area acts as a mini-exhibition of that artist.

If you’ve ever been to Montmartre, that legendary outdoor art mecca that overlooks Paris, there’s that same feeling of infinite variety; acrylics, oils, watercolors, mobiles, note cards, sculpture and jewelry; portraits, abstracts, pop and op art plus Pennsylvania landscapes and plenty of pictures of pets. Of course, everything is for sale, and most of the artists have a local connection, including from the famed group known as the Seven Lively Artists.

The 2nd Floor Gallery also has a first floor. The former church administrative offices are now small galleries for individual artists, and there are even a couple of artists’ studios, plus another small exhibition space, this month devoted to the oil pastels and egg temperas of artist Tatiana Myers. As does Buckwalter, she devotes herself to canvases of flowers, water landscapes and still life studies.

Kennedy spends much of his time keeping what’s on permanent display moving around; within a three-month span, there’s likely to be a complete rotation, so what you see when you visit the gallery is likely to be different each time.

“There are some great art communities in major towns, like Lancaster and Harrisburg, but there is a surprising number of talented artists in Mechanicsburg,” said Kennedy, a working artist in his own right, who currently has an exhibit in New York. “We really pride ourselves on educating the public that artists are not pretentious, obnoxious or crazy,” he said.

You can see for yourself if that’s true at the monthly receptions held every third Saturday, when artists and the public have a chance to mingle. Performance art and demonstrations also take place, plus live music.

It’s a “close-knit group of artists that band together to promote the gallery to friends and clients,” Terry Kennedy summarized.

Although the building is extraordinary, Kennedy said, “It’s really the artists” that make 2nd Floor Gallery a worthwhile destination.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Irises... Oil Pastels WIP.

Yes, this is right - more irises!
I'm using the same ref. photo I used before for soft pastel painting I did earlier this month ( I think it was thins month anyway, but perhaps it might be August).
This will be one of bigger works 20 x 16". I'm not using any underpainting for this one, just drawing and filling with color. Also I'm trying to utilize some of my harder Oil pastels Craypass Specialist. I love their colors, but didn't like it much when I tried them on paper... However they do fine on pastelbord. What is a good thing and will safe for me some of my Holbeins.
I should be working on some miniatures instead, but... It just ain't working for me. Wrong time maybe?...

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My paintings went to Bucks County!

This Monday we hand-delivered group of my 7 paintings to
Works looks wonderful on a wall at Gallery's main lobby of gallery.
I'm very pleased and may only hope that people will like it too. Oil Pastels are relatively new medium, but have a lot of potential and... at my opinion they are totally perfect for floral artworks.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Daily Painters of Pennsylvania first annual group show at Pennsylvania State Capitol.

Above: Daily Painters of Pennsylvania group photo.

During whole month of September some of my paintings could be seeing as a part of Daily Painters of Pennsylvania (DPP) group show
at PA State Capitol.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Kings Gap Hollow Run" watercolor.

"Kings Gap Hollow Run" 
10 x 8 ", RTX board, watercolor Plein Air.

No flower beds, no people, mo buildings... just nature.
 Green bushes, running stream, reflections of sun light... Peaceful.
Essential Pennsylvania in all its beauty.
This is how I see Kings Gap.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Oil Pastel Society membership updates.

I'm sort of getting behind with my blogging... Internet was down for a while, therefore - what blogging?!..
Anyhow... few days ago I found out about another great news. I received a letter stating that Oil Pastel Society approved my application for changing of my membership status to professional category. What is great. 
I'm very much looking forward to see all the paintings entered at Society's annual show. It should be just beautiful!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Gallery representation.

I'm very happy to make an announcement:   starting from September 2010 some of my art works could be seeing  at

Beautiful gallery, many great artists. I'm honored to be a part of it.
Thank you, Howard, for giving me this opportunity!

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