Saturday, August 30, 2014

"July", Pastel.

"July", 11 x 14" Pastel on mounted U-art paper.

Study of hay field on a way from our house to our friends horse-farm.
Always beautiful, always wanted to paint that.
I'm sure I'm not going to stop on only one version.
Available on e-bay.

Monday, August 18, 2014

"Melody of Forest", Pastel.

"Melody of Forest", 10 x 8", Pastel.

Another one of my Plein Air pastels, painted during our trip to Vermont
earlier this summer. This was the last day of this painting trip
(and gorgeous Day it was!). We all worked on and around of beautiful property
what belong to Mark and Claudia Seymour, who generously offered
this opportunity to our group of Pastelists leaded by Richard McKinley.
We all had wonderful time there. Great weather. Great views. Great art.
Much to remember.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Sun-Dance", pastel.

"Sun-Dance", 10 x 8", Pastel.

This is one of my Vermont pieces painted during my 2015 workshop
with Richard McKinley.  About 90% of this work was done on location.
Below - some pictures from the place where we all were working this day.
Truly beautiful and peaceful.

 Above - sours of my inspiration for this painting.

 Above - Richard helping out one of his students.

Above - my easel with half-finished painting.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

CPS 2014 "Renaissance in Pastel" National Exhibition acceptance.

I was informed this week that "Gold and Green" has been accepted into
the 21st Annual CPS 2014 "Renaissance in Pastel" National Exhibition.
This show will be on view at the Slater Museum in Norwich, 
Connecticut from October 8th to November 9th.
This is one of the biggest in the Nation "Pastels-Only" show,
and I'm very happy to see my painting  being a part of it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

"Spring House" is accepted into "Keystone-National Work on Paper".

Sometime ago I believe I already posted this little painting,
however I would like to share it again, as part of upcoming
"Keystone-National Work on Paper" exhibition.
I'm truly honored to have this little (8 x 10") gem juried in,
because of its Plein Air nature. Finally I'm starting to feel
that my Plein Air paintings starting catch up to my studio works,
or maybe even exceed those studio pieces.
Indeed out of my two submissions for "Keystone" Plein Air piece
took over my other studio piece.. 
Thank You to the Juror Laurin McCracken for
accepting "Spring House" into this beautiful show.
Looking forward to see all the art works!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Distant Forest", Pastel, Plein Air.

"Distant Forest", Pastel, 8 x 10"

I didn't post anything for a while, due to be really busy painting
together with group of very talented pastel artist somewhere
out there in Vermont. Few people around, quaet settings,
no cell phone reception... PERFECT Plein Air location
every painter can only dream about....
there is a more to it, but I'll share this "more" part later...
As for now, I hope You like this painting... one of my most recent ones!
Currently for the limited time it will be available on e-bay, unframed.
Do not miss this piece, you will love it!


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