Saturday, May 26, 2012

"South of France" pastel study.

My latest small work in pastel. I was trying something new (again!) and tasting home-made colored pastel ground. I mixed up some amount of Colourfix and blueish-purple watercolor and applied it loosely on board.

When board dried I did initial sketching with pastel pencil.

Then I used some turpentine and oil wash of manganese-purple and titanium white to establish my values.

Lastly I went from monochrome to full color and finished my painting with soft pastels.

I would change few thing here in there, but I'm happy with my study, it served the purpose and yes -
I like the colored background.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Yellow Hibiscus". Oil WIP.

My latest painting on Gessobord - yellow potted Hibiscus from Longwood Gardens.
Beautiful plant with beautiful flowers, but I wanted to do something more complicated this time, therefore I went for combination of floral painting with painting of part of it's own frame. I love those arched frames, but currently those are our of my price range, so I'm cheating a little and just painting one.
It will be complimented with nice narrow simple-style Plain Air frame (the real thing!), so part I'm painting will become substitute for the frame liner. Hopefully it going to work...

Monday, May 14, 2012

"French Motif" pastel painting.

"French Motif"
12 x 12" Pastel on board.

Latest 12x12" pastel landscape painting with France in mind. This will be my last work in those square pastel series for a while. I enjoyed it, but have other projects to do and just as simple... I ran out of frames!..
Therefore My next post will be something different. Probably another oil.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Provence Poppies"

"Provence Poppies"
12 x 12" Pastel on board.
Another 12x12" landscape in pastels.
Home-made surface, oil wash for underpainting.
I feel - I starting love working on this type of board with heavy brushed structure.
Looks like it is working for me well. maybe I would like to use another color for primer...
this one was medium gray. It was Clourfix, applied generously on factory-made
Ampersand Hardbord. Great support for... just about anything You want to put on it.


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