Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out of comfort zone.

"Down to the river" 
14 x 11" work in progress.
Just need to do something more challenging... and different.
Because I didn't work with portraits forever, this is what I would like to do this time... for change.
Not sure if this is going to be the final version, or just study for another work, we will see, how bad it will be progressing. I'm alright with it for now, but being a portrait I need all the help I can get with this one. 
So far I'm done with drawing in general, enlargement and background under-painting... just to set a mood. Under-painting is watemedia this time, I will be finishing it in pastel... let see what happen.
The same evening - finished study.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Progress on those lilies.... Oil Pastel, WIP.

Today I rearranged few things in this painting (some of foliage)
and I think I like it better now.
Look like I pulled it all together to my total like and now just need
 to take some more time and finalize everything. 
I even tried it with new frame I had in mind or this painting.
I custom ordered this one two years ago for my other floral work
 and it turned into a brilliant communication failure between painting and frame...
And so much for talking... Just need to go and finish it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Something about those lilies...

 I wanted to do a painting of white lilies for a while... but always something was getting on my way -not the right lilies, not sure how I want to paint them, not sure, not sure...
Finally this spring Irina discovered in our garden this beauty in full its glory.
I went out with camera and soon  I had my reference and my inspiration.
It is going to be one more floral Oil pastel on Pastelbord, mean wile I just finished under-painting
in Gouache and watercolor. I'm happy with what I see here and ready to start rendering in Oil Pastels.


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