Thursday, August 30, 2012

Somewhere in Tetons.

"Somewhere in Tetons"
11 x 14", Pastel on primed board.

Painted this after our last year's trip to Wyoming.
One of those works I had on hold for a while
and finally finished after we returned from Minnesota.

"Next Level Pastels" Minnesota 2012. Chapter I.

 Just like I mentioned before, his month was filled with impotent events, 
but this  trip was something I was especially looking forward to..
I had wonderful opportunity to join Richard McKinley
and his mentored group of advanced students in "Next Level Pastels"
Plein Air workshop in Minnesota.

It would be very hard to pick up more impressive location. Majestic lake Superior,
rushing rivers, beautiful rock formations and waterfalls - we were surrounded by all those wanders.
Not to mention the forest... what reminding me forest of my native country -
white birch, aspens, lot of light.
With all this in mind it was very hard to choose what to paint.

 I decided not to attempt come home with some finished paintings,
but rather dedicate my time to in-deep sketching process and learning techniques.

In this post I would like to share some of my works on different rock formations.
None of those is really finished, but all those studies
had to offer something interesting and I truly enjoyed working on it.

All works are 8 x 10" and smaller, Wallis paper, mixed pastels.


...To be continued...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pastels in Minnesota A La Plein Air.

 Last week we had  wonderful time in Minnesota painting out with Richard McKinley mentoring his "next level" Plein Air pastel group.

 I do not have much time (normally) to paint Plein Air, therefore it was a very special treat - to get out to some place so beautiful, stay along with nature, paint and get some great advice from person so knowledgeable and talented as Richard.

 I did a lot of quick sketches and even managed to finish one or two more complex paintings. Plus as always took enormous amount of picture for future references. 

 So far I was painting, Jim had great time stacking some rocks here and there.

It was totally wonderful week and I'm already starting looking forward to repeat it sometime.

But now have to get ready some show entries and whatever else I need to get ready for our upcoming trip to Carmel California next month. I only hope for the good weather.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Mr and Mrs Smith" wedding Cake.

 Last week instead of painting I was sculpturing ... and baking!
Our little girl was getting married and we were on quest to surprise everybody with
one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Incredibly delicious and well... unique!.. 
It was fun to make and everybody loved it.
Whole preparation process took about a week.


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