Friday, March 13, 2009

Sakura Carre pastels... first attempt.

Originally I choused this picture for my OPs painting. I finally got 40 colors set of Holbein and some ColourFix paper to go with it and plained to use it for this work. At the very last moment for some reason I changed opinion and instead of using my precious OPs, brough our brand new set of Carre pastels from Sakura and decided to give it a try... It is my first work in Pastels, if we will not count my teen years, when I had a small set of "Yarka" and my other tools were - own finger, some send paper for Dad's garage and heir spray! Well, ColorFix is much better then send-paper from garage, as for Sakura pastels on this type of support they did a good job. I wouldn't be so sure about using of it on regular pastel paper... not soft enough. And once again - the same old wish: I wish I would have more colors! 


  1. It is a very good work, I like your style very much :) I understand you used soft (chalk) pastels this time? In that case you dont need to worry about more colors, they are quite easy to mix :)

  2. Hi, Cristina!
    Yes, this particular work was done with "dry" pastels. When I trued pastels first time (more then half of my life ago), we only had one brand available, and it was chalk pastels. I like them, but had a hurd time to put them on my paper, so my mentor recommended me to try a sand paper instead (what i successfully took from my dad's garage). Sand paper worked fine. As for this particular painting, I had a chance to get a set of Sakura dry pastels very cheap, about 10% of what they normally cost. So I did. I tried them out and ran into my old problem - they were not soft enough to go on regular pastel paper. Then I got a few pages of Colourfix, what was recommended me to try with my OPs and decided to try it out with my Dry Sakura (Neuvel Carre). This is a result of it. Colorfix did the job! Right now I went one step frothier and working on two similar paintings from the same reference image - one in OPs and another one in traditional pastels (Sakura + few others). I will have it posted here as work progresses.
    Thank You for your interest! :-)



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