Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Veronika is finished, Veronika is started.

"Veronika" Pastel 8 x 10" on La Carte.
I finished one Veronika and started another one - this one will be in Oil Pastel on U-art.
I think it is my first ever portrait (not a sketch) what I will attempt to do with OPs. I like it so far and like U-art. Very durable paper and feels just right for my Holbein OPs.

"Veronika" Oil Pastel on U-art.

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  1. Your portrait work is absolutely stunning Tatiana. I can't believe you are getting these kinds of results from Oil Pastels.
    Great job.

  2. Gary, you are TOO kind! Really!

    I have very hard time working with this thing, since I never done it before, but... I sort of like the challenge. I think when I will try with next one, it will be easier and more fun. But I am learning a lot from all the mistakes I did already and going to do, before it will be finished and this is a good part about all this event.

    Thank You for your comment!



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