Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Summer Poppies" Oil WIP.

"Summer Poppies"
14 x 11", Oil on Ampersand  board.

Last night worked some more on my painting... Not much. My young bitch schnauzer was about to have her puppies, therefore it was whole night of watching... She finally started this morning and we almost got some sort of normal sleep.

Back to those poppies... I starting truly enjoy that mess of green leaves on this painting, not so much flowers... With all my love to Holbein Oils, I don't think I have the correct red in my set and I'm not up to much of a mixing now... just working with what I have. I'm using just about 9 tubes... I think. And most of the time it is just enough. For this painting I have out black and white paints, two shades of green - light and dark, two shades of red (none is correct red), yellow, brown and blue. Brown and blue are for mixing of dark value. Black - for making it even darker, if needed. The rest is pretty much self-explanatory. 

I'm also using brown pastel pencil for sketching and trying to paint by little segments, starting approximately from the middle of board. I don't know what my final composition will be at this point... I sort of trying to keep it flowing free and just go with the flow... this is how it is working the best anyway. 

I'm also straggling in between two ideas - leave this work just like it is - in oil, OR finish it with Oil Pastel. Tempting, very tempting! But probably I'll just leave it to be an oil and save myself some glass and spacers.


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