Monday, February 13, 2012

3 years to this blog!

Today I'm celebrating 3-d Anniversary of my blog, what for me mean much more then just putting some blah-stuff on Internet.
During winter of 2009 my life took another turn what change a lot of things around me.. on a good way and not so good way, but whatever it was about the most impotent part was - all those changes made me to return to my favorite activity, what I was neglecting for about 20 years... It happened to be a painting.
About 3 year ago I started paint regularly, just like I did when I was a kid and then teenager...
My first trip to the art store was a total disaster. I knew nothing about art supply here and wasn't that sure what I'm looking for... I started asking about tempera and girl in a store game me that strange look and then pointed me to the self with bottles looking like some sort of exterior paint...
No, it didn't go to well at beginning... But in a few month in already was not that bad. I found a lot of help from my new friends on and quickly started my journey in world of oil pastels (love those!).
At the end of my first painting year I decided to enter at my first ever art show and was totally in shock when realized that won one of the top awards. I didn't think I'm that good. I still didn't think I'm that good. But it was a sign saying me: "You will be a total idiot to give it up again!" And therefore I continue.
Hopefully it all will start making sense some day. And maybe - not. But mean while... I'm in love with what I do and hopefully somebody also will enjoy it... and then... It already makes all the sense in the World....

... and this journey is going to continue!...


  1. Tatiana, being able to create art is a gift in so many ways - but often I think that it can be the greatest gift to ourselves. During the toughest periods of my life, being able to turn to my art and focus on something other than my troubles has gotten me through some very difficult times (my daughter often tells me that I produce my best work when I am under the most stress).
    I am glad that three years ago you turned to your art and your talent to deal with whatever it was that was challenging you. You benefited, and all of us have benefited by seeing your beautiful art work!
    Happy Blogaversary!!! (And I love the picture you chose from Longwood Gardens)

    1. Thank You, Claire! You always so nice to me and I know you tell all this from your heart... just the way I did it too! I'm looking forward to another wonderful year of inspiration!

  2. Happy Blogaversary! (I love your word, Claire!) Tatania, your journey brings to mind a quote from Arthur Ashe (tennis player): "Success is not a destination, it's a journey!" And what a journey you are having - - I remember your first posts on WC and have been with you on your journey (from "afar") and have so enjoyed watching you and learning from you. You are an inspiration to me! Keep your journey fresh and alive and here's to many, many more "Blogaversaries"!

    1. Thank You so much, Susan!

      Sure, you were one of my friends what i found on wet canvas and it was a lot of things we were figuring out all together... we still do. Only I guess now I know more about oil pastels compare to other mediums and for a while mostly got stuck with traditional oils... But only for a while.

      One more year and so many different ideas. Very exiting!



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