Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oil Pastel Society signature status.

This happened to be an extremely busy summer for me...
Our little girl is getting married, our horses are getting new barn,
lot of work in the garden and with my show dogs and I have few great art
events to attend what require extensive traveling...
With all this in mind I still have to make myself some quality painting time...
What I do... but those are mostly nights.
Few new painting are on a way, but mean while my "older paintings"
(what are mostly just 2-3 years "old" or even lesser) still do the job...
Yesterday I received a wonderful news from Oil Pastel Society.

"Congratulations! The judges have found your work to be exceptional and have awarded you signature status in the Oil Pastel Society."

I'm finding it very significant, because just about 3 years ago I found myself completely in love with Oil Pastels, finished my first floral painting and entered it into my very first juried show. It was beginning of exiting journey in the World of Big Art and it all started from Oil Pastels what I conceder my
"lucky medium" and one of my personal favorites...

Thank You to the Jury for this big Honor!..
Tatiana Myers, OPS.

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