Friday, September 28, 2012

ALLIED ARTISTS OF AMERICA, INC. 99-th annual exhibition.

Have another wonderful announcement to make... Yesterday I found out that my latest floral Oil Pastel "Illuminated" was accepted into the ALLIED ARTISTS OF AMERICA, INC. 99-th annual exhibition.
Show will ran from November 9 to November 18 2012 @ National Art Club Galleries, NYC.
Artists reception - Sunday November 18.

...but this is not all!..

Today I realized that the same very painting was also accepted into
The American Artists Professional League
84-th Grand National Show.

I'm totally happy about both and will need to start work on making of plans
how-to-ship-it and if we can go and attend this year's reception at
National Art Club.


  1. Congratulations, once again, Tatiana!! You are having a whirlwind ride of successes. You go girl!

  2. Thank You so much, my friend! Yes, I'm having amazing year with my art work. I guess I don't need to ask myself too many questions and just enjoy the ride!... But You know me... I always question myself. But perhaps I just doing something right this time... Good feeling.



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