Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Playing with pastels.

 Last few days I just had to try  my new pastels, what ended up in me getting
out my Plein Air box with field pallet (can't do without sticks).
I finished 3 small works, very quickly and was pleased with all 3 of those.
One above is 8x10" on Pastelbord. That was a place where we painted 
with group of fellow pastel artists in 2011 during our workshop with Richard McKinley.
Somewhere outside of State College, PA.
This painting is available at Daily Paint Works in auction format. 

 One above is my attempt to do something on Canson.
I do not normally work on this paper, but I wanted to test
my new Caran D'Ache pastel pencils... and they did fine.
This one is listed on Daily Paint Works auction as well.

Lastly small 5x7" painting on Green Ampersand Pastelbord.
This was all about Birches and under-painting.
I did under-painting with Caran D'Ache Supracolor pencils
and then turned it into the watercolor wash (above).
Nothing much, nothing fancy, just what I wanted.
I finished it with some pastels and pastel pencils, working mostly from negative space.
A bit rusty after long brake, but I'm pleased and looking forward to more.
Mean while this one is up for bid too. Check it out, if interested.

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