Thursday, January 9, 2014

Touch of Gold. Pastel, WIP.

I just started another pastel painting of another scene from Longwood Gardens.
When I saw it first I was memorized with those golden reflections and
knew immediately - I'm going to paint this place.

I still have some nice frames in 11 x 14" size and going to utilize one of those...
Therefore I had to start from appropriate size of board... I have white Pastelbord
in 11 x 14, but wanted to work on mid-value support. Therefore before I started
with my sketch, board was toned in sepia with fluid Acrylic.
For my sketch I used Carbotello pastel pencil.

When done with sketching part, I turned it into wash with alcohol.

Next step - application of dry pastel.

Another sectional wash over dry pastel with brush and water.

... and more of pastel!...
So far so good. Idea is - to finish this work sometime soon
and submit to the Gallery as part of "Garden Collection"
with two more freshly framed pieces.

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