Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Monet Garden House." Oil study.

Monet Garden House, 8 x 10" Oil on panel.

More of my garden studies.. this time in Oil. Just for change.
While painted figured out, that soon I'm going to run out of that Liquin.
Mmmmm... what do I do? Let that thing dry out, paint more oils, 
just change the solvent?.. regardless! It was cool.
Shouldn't neglect my oils. Need to go back to my latest Flemish piece too...


  1. It would be so wonderful to have gardens just like these at my own home...I guess with 4 dogs in the house, even if I managed to plant it, it would not last. Monet has the right idea and your painting is beautiful! I don't work in oil often, myself, but do love using Liquin.

  2. My relationships with Liquin is sort of "love-hate" affair. But I do use it when I need something to dry REALLY quickly. Still - most of the time I'll take two days to finish painting even with Liquin. First day I put down foundation. After it is mostly (or totally) dry I finish it.



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