Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Distant Forest", Pastel, Plein Air.

"Distant Forest", Pastel, 8 x 10"

I didn't post anything for a while, due to be really busy painting
together with group of very talented pastel artist somewhere
out there in Vermont. Few people around, quaet settings,
no cell phone reception... PERFECT Plein Air location
every painter can only dream about....
there is a more to it, but I'll share this "more" part later...
As for now, I hope You like this painting... one of my most recent ones!
Currently for the limited time it will be available on e-bay, unframed.
Do not miss this piece, you will love it!


  1. The colors in those trees are beautiful, Tatiana. And the grass is handled beautifully!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Vermont!

  2. Thank You so much! Yes, we had wonderful time there, I'll post more about whole trip at later time...



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