Sunday, February 22, 2015

"Street Corner", Pastel

"Street Corner"
12 x 16"
Pastel with WC on multimedia pastel panel.

Another studio work depicting beautiful and bright San Miguel De Allende.  
This is the place new with the central square (Le Jardin).
I did some street sketching there, but wanted to have it as bigger piece
done in studio. So with all my sketches and some photos I took
here is result. I had to edit many things out - as a traffic, crowds etc
and make this piece more personal and calm. For me it is about light
and color and not so much about people and action.. however I added a single figure
 of man to give this work even more interest. 
He is a part of this town and carry its colors, but what do we know about him?..
What he is waiting for?.. What he is looking at?..
Maybe he lives there, but maybe he is another traveler, as myself, who is here
only for the moment of time enjoying and observing and being part of it?..
Regardless... this is finished. And this is my biggest up to date painting is soft pastels.
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1 comment:

  1. I feel an early morning calm as this guy beats the world at getting up and about to enjoy the first light of day. Very European feel with the distant mountains, though the buildings lend to a more South American feel to me. Lovely work!



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