Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Purple Irises", painting on silk.

Last night I finished my latest silk painting with purple Irises.
Still need to steam it one more time, but guess what?...
It will have to wait as today we managed to run out of propane!
If we will be lucky enough, we may have it delivered next week,
or I'll have to figure out something else...
Silk steaming is important, but so is making of food.
So we need that propane, of working hot plate,
or some other sort of kitchen solution.
Sooooo.... I can not fix those things at the moment, but I still can paint those!

Above - detail of Iris-painting on habotai.

Above - first stage of painting vs second stage.
You can clearly see the difference.
I think I enjoy working in two sessions to get the maximum
from my painting.
Hope You enjoy those! 


  1. Oh I do love this scarf, Tatiana!! Do tell me more on how I can buy it!

  2. Glad You like it! I do too! Well, just like I mentioned before - if You want it , it will be Yours. Check of PayPal payment, whatever works for You the best... E-mail me at about details.



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