Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Little Poppies" Egg tempera WIP update.

"Little Poppies" by Tatiana Myers
4x4". Egg Tempera on Ampersand Aquaboard

Worked some more on my tempera poppies today. Aquaboard performs well, I think it will be just great for bigger paintings.However for small works like this smooth clay board should be better. Will have to give it a try next time. And with this one... I think I'll need one more painting session.

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  1. Gorgeous piece, Tatiana. The temperas are just phenomenal with color saturation. I read another blogger's comments on how the egg temperas really had a nasty odor. Did you find that to be the case too?

  2. If tempera does have a nasty odor it is mean only one thing... something is wrong!
    It is made with fresh eggs after all and has limited life time (unless it is dried already).
    Nasty odor says that medium went bad and you need to mix a new one.
    Same thing with factory tempera. If it stinks, it has to go to trash and not to be used.
    This is why most of painter mixing their own paints. It is the only way to know how fresh it is.

  3. What lovely, contrasting use of color Tatiana! I've found that even the fresh factory blue egg temperas are always stinky. There's something in the blue pigment itself that smells.

  4. Thank You, Deb!

    You know... maybe I didn't pay attention to smell of the blue paint. OR maybe over years I spend in chemical lab, hospital and around animals I just learned to ignore some smells! :-)
    But I know for sure: once I bough factory made green Sennelier tempera and had to put in into the garbage. It didn't smell,I STICKED! Somehow paint went bad, but it is rather unusual case.



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