Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Little Irises" on Pastelmat.

"Little Irises" 
6 x 4 ", Pastelmat, Pastels.
And even more Irises... Another small painting from the same reference what I;m using for my 20 x 16" Oil pastel work. Helps me with coordination of colors and just something fun to do.

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  1. I can't believe this is a 6x4, Tatiana. Beautiful as always.

  2. Thank You, Pat!

    Actually, you maybe right... It is not a 6 x 4:, but
    5 x 3", or something of this sort.
    I'm not very impressed with this one...was going to do something for miniature show, BUT... just not getting the right feeling for the moment. So, I probably going to pass it for this show season. I entered into two juried shows, but will let the last (and biggest one) go for this season. Just can not do it all, I guess. What is OK. I simply was concentrating on another things this time.

  3. very nice Tatiana. Love that photo of your display. How did that show work out for you?

  4. Thank You, Gary!
    Show went well. We had many people, I sold one of my favorite works, so I would say it was great.



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