Thursday, April 7, 2011

International Artist magazine publication.

This is what I found in my mail box just yesterday. 
What can I say?... Nice! I always had a good feeling about my painting "Iris Garden"and was hoping that one day it will be show, where this my work will earn its recognition. Not because it is better then others, but just because it is simply  beautiful work. And at my opinion beauty  - this is what art should be about. Brining light to the human's soul, making us better, creating some mysterious link between the Sky and the Earth... This is how I see purpose of any good art work. If this is how painting makes me feel - I know it was successful painting. 

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  1. Congratulations, Tatiana! This is truly an honor for you and I am proud of you. To me a successful piece is any that touches the emotions in some way. At least that is my currently nebulous definition of a successful piece of art...

  2. Wow, Tatiana -- this is wonderful news! Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition!

  3. Thank You, very much to both of you - Amy and Sherry!...
    It was an honor to be published and another nice thing about it... you can win an award at the show and after show is over, it is over too... all, but memories. Magazine competition is different and it is mine to keep! (another good part- I do not have to ship my actual art work to some remote location and worry, if anything may happen to it).

  4. Wow, Tatiana, Congratulations on your work getting this kind of recognition! Your flowers are sooooo beautiful!!

  5. Yeah! Congratulations Tatiana! Wonderful news.



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