Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Orchids in Ruby Glass" Pastel 11 x 11" WIP. Update #1

"Orchids in Ruby Glass" Pastel 11 x 11" WIP.

I'm back to my lay-away project. It is not very easy after finished painting in oil try to do the same in pastel. But I think I can manage. Didn't finish much today, but got a right feeling from whatever I did. 
Looking forward to continue. Very enjoyable painting to work with.

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  1. Somehow I didn't realize that last one was in oil! But this one too shall be beautiful, Tatiana. I've seen your work!

  2. Thank You, Sherry!
    I'm not surprised you didn't realize it is in Oils. I'm not painting in Oils too often and with this work I was just about mirroring my own pastel technique, therefore it was easy to get confused over it. I hope I can pull out one in pastel just fine too, but unfortunately i don't have enough dark reds and will have to do this one more in middle value and loose some dramatic effect due to this fact... what is OK.



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