Monday, May 30, 2011

Painting and disasters.

"Backlighted Cymbidium" Egg Tempera and Oil 12 x 9" WIP.

I didn't post anything for about a week this time.. Reason is simple - I didn't paint. The reason WHY I didn't paint is not so simple - in the middle of last week we got hit by good sized tornado. Local weather, news and infamous local Electrical Company says nothing about this situation. I guess everybody was celebrating Memorial Day.Whole area was without electricity, water, any utilities for almost 5 days with some record breaking heat on the top of it. Humongous trees and  high-voltage wires were down, cars and some houses got damaged - no even word in the outer world... I have one word for it - NASTY.  
Therefore I'm only posting the last update what I took some pictures of right before the storm. Hope to be back to it as soon I can.  

 Trees are up side down all over place...

 This is a view from the top of our drive way down to the house... long way to go!

Attempts to rescue our track... no success.

 Irina in front of one of the trees, what are down on a  backyard.

Team of neighbors with chainsaws trying to make it to our driveway and get us out.. neighbors are helping neighbors, but no other helps... not yet anyway..

To be continued... 

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