Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daily painting? Not really!

Étude with Mountains.
8x10"  Oil and Alkyd on ARTStix board  .

We all had (and more then once!) one of those days when you really feel, like painting, but rest of the World  seams to be plotting against you. Every 15 minutes or so somebody's head will pop up in your studio (or whatever working space you have) and declare another local disaster what should require your immediate attention. 
In my younger years I used to kept stuck of forks on my room and  throw it out, as soon I see that door starting to open...  Yes it was silly and I gave up that brilliant idea... However if you have THAT kind of day, it is clear - you can not work on painting that is very impotent to you and takes few weeks to finish. Yet, you still can do something... better something good, but what perhaps doesn't take too much of commitment and concentration. You can actually finish it in between doing dishes, talking with your daughter on a phone about one more boy-friend-related-disaster and and fixing-upping of whatever what suddenly broke when  you expected it to work. 
This is when smaller paintings can fill up the gaps, let you try something new without stressing you out to the point you don't even want to continue...
So... with busy summer I keep in my mind that practice makes perfect and do some of those smaller works, what I would like to call "Études", what is appropriate French (and Russian!) word for "Study".
Those are NOT "Daily Paintings" what are so popular our days. I'm not targeting to have one finish EVERY day. I'm not chasing an idea that I have to finish this work at one session or even at one day. The general idea is - to paint, to learn something new with every painting, to try something new 
(new support, new method etc) and .. yes! To have it finished in a few hours, not in a few weeks.
Then, if it was successful session, I'm going to put it on e-bay as I used to do a while ago and get rid of it, because I have no intention to keep all my studies and sketches.
So, here we go... 
I ll be posting off and on those new series of "non-daily études" in between of working on something what takes more of me to accomplish.
Étude with Mountains. is the first one of those smaller paintings  available on e-bay.

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  1. What a beautiful landscape and such amazing rocks!



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