Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Into The Light" Egg Tempera and Oil WIP.

"Into The Light" Egg Tempera and Oil 12 x 9" WIP.

Today I worked on Oil glazing. I lost some values on a flowers, but it will be easy to correct later. 
So far I have to be careful to preserve that glow of light what this painting is about. I'm mostly finished with background and as soon it mostly dry I may continue with those delicate flowers.  

To be continued... 

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  1. I just run out of adjectives and superlatives for your work, Tatiana. Simply gorgeous, as always.

  2. And thank you again!... I think it is coming nicely, but so much work ahead... and so little time. Our neighborhood lately is "Chainsaw central" and everything is rotating around fixing-uping. little time for anything else including painting, but good part - it needs some time to dry anyway. I will be back to it this weekend or next rainy day (when we can not do things outside) and will post another update. Please stay tuned!



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