Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still Life with Kiwi. Egg tempera and Oil mische technique. WIP. First glaze of oils (not counting underpainting).

Yesterday Night (or was in technically THIS night?... perhaps it was) I finished with first glaze of local color. have few pieces I missed, but I have no concern about it... I will do it later. It was nice painting session. I had to stop around 2 AM, too bad... I just could keep going and going. And now I'll have to wait another few days, till it dries to the point I can continue working. It shouldn't be that long, I went with fast drying medium by Charvin. It DIES dry fast and I really like how it works with my paints (what I couldn't say about their glazing medium, for some reason I had a hard time with that one). 
So... till next painting session!...

... to be continued ...

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