Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Wyoming's Sunset". Pastel.

"Wyoming's Sunset" 
Pastel on Wallis board 8 x 10" 

Magical scene what I saw on a way back from Tenon National Park to Jackson, Wyoming. Just the right place, just the right light, just the right colors... I never would have enough time to paint it on location, till it is all gone, but I had my camera to preserve the moment and painted it just as I remember that beautiful evening.

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  1. Stunning landscape, Tatiana. I thought I was looking at a Gary Keimig piece here and had to check and see whose blog I was on! LOL Beautiful work!

  2. Thank You, Sherry! It is just a couple of miles from the place where Gary lives... this is why it has that familiar look. No wander you got confused!



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