Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gardenia Trio. Egg Tempera and Oil WIP.

So far my kiwi painting is drying and getting ready for me (and I am getting ready for IT) I'' working on some small projects... something like semi-daily paintings... However I'm quickly getting tired of those. Maybe because in my mind I have something bigger and just that beautiful, that my evening etudes looking small and unworthy... One of my latest (but also very old ideas) was to paint some white gardenia in all their glory... I was looking for perfect composition for a while and finally came up with something what I liked.
I also wanted to give a try to so called "True Gesso" panels. I do not have enough time make those on my own, so I had to order some from manufacturer... and when it came, I knew - those are support for my gardenias and jump-started with this painting the very next day.
So far I'm on tempera- underpainting and trying to get right values down and blend everything to perfection or nearly so...  I have to say: I LOVE the board. I wouldn't event try something else for my tempera works from now one. Tru Gesso panels are turned to be true enjoyment and I'm looking forward to do more, but for today, perhaps it is a good time to stop. 

... to be continued ...

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