Monday, November 21, 2011

"Kiwi plate". Mische Technique. Finished!

"Kiwi Plate" Egg tempera and Oil
11 x 14" Ampersand Claybord.

Last night I worked some more with my kiwi and finally realized, that if I continue, it will be totally different  painting... perhaps a better one, but different, not what I was imagining when I started. 
My original idea came to its logical end. I'm done with this work.

With this in mind I put it up vertical ( yes, I painted in on flat, just one of those things) to take a good look and decide - IF in fact I'm done...
Next what i know: my desk-lamp dropped down from the shelf on my desk, knocked down a bottle with white spirit (what happened to be open) and all my brushes, solvent went all over place!... What a mess!.. But somehow I managed to rescue thee painting!..

It was a sign to be saying to me:  "leave it along already!". So I do. It will need some finishing touch-up with medium, but no more paint. Perhaps when it will be dry, I'll take better picture of it.
No - back to those Gardenias!

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