Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Lady in Red". Another Cymbidium orchid WIP.

"Lady in Red."
14 x 11"  Oil on panel.

This painting will be my entry to monthly challenge on Floral/Botanical forum of what I'm hosting this month. being a hostess I;m about the only one who is not done with own painting yet (many people managed to finish two or more and I just started on mine yesterday).

  It is one more Orchid painting done in Oil with Liquin (alkyd) medium on panel. I gave myself whole day to finish with all preliminary blocking but ended up doing even a little bit more then my original plan was. I like it. Red is one of my favorite colors and sure works well in those flowers. Very limited palette so far.
Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue, some Titanium White, Olive Green, Yellow Ochre and Payne's Gray.
I may need another session of two to finish it, all depends of time what I'll have to work on it and of course of how paint will be acting.

..... to be continued ......

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