Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pastels in Minnesota A La Plein Air.

 Last week we had  wonderful time in Minnesota painting out with Richard McKinley mentoring his "next level" Plein Air pastel group.

 I do not have much time (normally) to paint Plein Air, therefore it was a very special treat - to get out to some place so beautiful, stay along with nature, paint and get some great advice from person so knowledgeable and talented as Richard.

 I did a lot of quick sketches and even managed to finish one or two more complex paintings. Plus as always took enormous amount of picture for future references. 

 So far I was painting, Jim had great time stacking some rocks here and there.

It was totally wonderful week and I'm already starting looking forward to repeat it sometime.

But now have to get ready some show entries and whatever else I need to get ready for our upcoming trip to Carmel California next month. I only hope for the good weather.


  1. Tatiana, you sure look like you are having a great time. And, learning a lot. Make sure you post from Carmel, Ca also. It's great seeing these posts.

  2. Thank You so much, Pat! I ended up with about 10 paintings over 5 days. It is a lot. Didn't mean to polish any of it to perfection, therefore some are better then others... but yes, we had great time and sure I hope to have some good photos from California too... I'm NOT going to paint there, just attend the show and wander around with camera for a while.



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