Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Mr and Mrs Smith" wedding Cake.

 Last week instead of painting I was sculpturing ... and baking!
Our little girl was getting married and we were on quest to surprise everybody with
one-of-a-kind wedding cake. Incredibly delicious and well... unique!.. 
It was fun to make and everybody loved it.
Whole preparation process took about a week.


  1. Wow, You are so talented Tatiana! It's a beautiful cake and the decoration so unique!

  2. Thank You, Adriana! It was a great event and they loved the cake. If You are interested to see more photos, my friend Karen is posting those and many are on my Facebook page.

  3. You are so multitalented, Tatiana. The cake is beautiful! Congratulations on the wedding. Any pictures of the bride?

  4. Pat, thank You so much!... Pictures of the bride?... Tons of those (about 20 Gb to be exact). She was gorgeous, no questions about it. I'll find a way to show those to You sometime.



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