Saturday, December 15, 2012

Flemish technique in progress. New 6 x 6 " floral series.

This is my new project what I'm going to stretch from 2012 to 2013.
I will be working on several small florals what will employ so called 
"Flemish technique" of Oil painting.
I will be using flat panels, more suitable highly detailed work.

 Above - beginning stage. Outlines of future painting transferred to the board
and over-drawn with India ink. Ink drawing then sealed with Imprimatura layer.

 After all of above dried, I'm working on foundation of my future painting
and using just one color of paint. Traditionally it is a burnt Umber.
It may take two of more applications, all depends of complexity
of future painting. for this one It was two Umber layers. 

 After Umber layer is dry it is time to start with so called "Dead Layer".
This layer is needed to establish half-tones of future painting.
It is my personal favorite stage.

Dead layer for my first painting is finished. After it will be totally dry
(patience, patience!) I will start with color glazes.
Mean while I will be working on several next paintings in the same style.
One is drying, another one is in progress... this is whole idea.
In interested, check back soon!


  1. I Love the progression...NICE Work and Post!

  2. Thank You, Sue!
    I hardly can wait till it dries enough for me to continue.



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