Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Radiance". Work in Progress, oil.

Yes, I'm started working one one more "Flemish style" traditional Oil painting. And this one is another Hibiscus. Hibiscuses are not my favorite flowers, however they somehow turned to be some of my very favorite floral subjects. Maybe just because those are spectacular to show play of light and shadows...
Never-less I'm working on one more of those and up to date mostly done with underpainting stage. it will be more likely one more session to finalize it. Then I'll need to make sure it properly dried and can start with color glazing. Beautiful process, almost similar to meditation. I truly enjoy it.
meanwhile this is drying I'm going to do something not that technically complicated...
If you are interested to see how this floral painting is progressing, check back later.
I'll post my progress report here!...

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