Sunday, October 13, 2013

"Golden Harvest", pastel on Wallis.

"Golden harvest", 6 x 9", Pastel

My latest pastel painting on mounted Wallis paper. This is another version of the same scene
what I painted earlier this year on location, during our two-weeks long trip to Washington State.

I did fairly simple value sketch and then repeated it on my paper with graphite pencil.

Simple watercolor underpainting was to create mood and give me idea about
my main colors.

After underpainting dried I covered my work with glassin and it was ready
to be transported to the gallery for finishing with pastels.
I taped my reference photo AND original value sketch to the same board.
One was suppose to be a reminder of values,
while the other one - for my color reference.

I got a wonderful weather and went with my painting outside,
regardless of fact - this time I was working from photo.

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