Thursday, May 15, 2014

Camp Hill Plein Air... Day 3.

 Day #3. Not that nice on the morning. But by noon - window of opportunity -
rain stopped and we even got some sun shine!
Getting on a road with all my pastel boxes, easel and things...
This time - heading to Camp Hill itself and finding myself nice looking house to paint.
Above - value sketch wiath alcohol wash on sanded paper.

 After I set my values, it is tie for color. Trying to keep it simple and loose...
have no idea if rain is about to return here any given moment,
therefore getting my idea down, so I can finish it any other place... if I have to.

 Surprisingly - no rain till later in the evening.
Basically finished all on location in about 2 hours. Happy!

"Camp Hill welcome!",
8 x 8" Pastel on sanded board.


  1. Those red bushes are stunning! This whole piece came together beautifully, Tatiana. Why the alcohol and sanded paper, if I might ask? What does that do for the pastels? (I'm wanting to learn!)

  2. Sanded paper is my surface of choice for pastels for many reasons... general two reasons - it is allow almost unlimited layering AND multi-media application. With this painting multi-media stages are:!) Toning of surface in sepia tone with liquid acrylic. It gives me my mid-value and I will have a luxury of using pastels on very economical manner by letting of some background to be shown trough... You can clearly see that on steps, foreground, azalea bushes etc. Safes time, creates color harmony, pulls all painting together, much lesser use of pastels and as results - better layering and lesser mud. Secondly - about alcohol... I'm using purple pastel pencil and stick of hard pastel for setting my values, however, I do not want to have many sharp strokes... this is where solvent is coming handy...I'm dissolving some of value drawing to something similar to watercolor wash. And no other pastel paper with allow it, but heavy-duty sanded surfaces. That is why.



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