Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Stepping Away", pastel.

"Stepping Away", 10 x 8"
Pastel on re-primed canvas panel.

After week of extensive gardening and back yard constructions,
I decided to treat myself with quiet evening of working on this pastel study.
Last summer we had a magnificent young buck visiting on our back yard.
One of those days he presented himself long enough for me
to be able to take his picture. Deer are the Ghosts of the Forest.
they rarely completely stand our for You... they blend with foliage,
becoming a part of that complicated dance between lights and shadows...
Deer is rarely evident, but yes, if You have eye to see them in the forest
they are present. Present as part of their surrounding...
This painting is currently available at DPW auction, please feel free to check it out,
if You want to see better details of this art work with DPW zoom feature.


  1. Very beautiful painting, Tatiana. I love how the deer is turned around to look at you. The black limning his back legs is wonderful!

  2. It was fun to paint and I enjoyed it!



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