Friday, June 20, 2014

"One Day of Glory", Oil Pastel.

"One Day of Glory", 12 x 12",
Oil Pastel, Pastelmat.

Latest Oil pastel floral piece. this time I got to try Pastelmat
for my Oil Pastels... and I LOVE it!
I can do all the dry-brushing I want without shredding my brushes.
But still... this is the sanded surface and it grabs and holds Oil Pastels very well!
Also... I tried about all solvents I have on my shelf with this support,
 and it performed well with everything - water, mineral spirit, alcohol....
I may just have found another favorite support for Oil Pastel paintings.

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  1. A most gorgeous painting, Tatiana. It LOOKS like an oil painting!

  2. Pretty much it does... It was whole idea.



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