Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Pastel Landscape Painting class @ Mechanicsburg Art Center.

 From simple value sketch to multi-layers complex finished landscape painting...
This will be main idea of 3-days landscape class I'm giving this week
at Mechanicsburg Art Center and Galleries...
There will be more to it. Students will learn and try out different pastel surfaces,
approach to dry and wet pastel applications, various tools and techniques.
making of own panels and even framing of finished art work.

In July and August it will be another chance to join my pastel group
"Pastel landscape Inside and Out"
concentrating on fusion of both - Plein Air and studio techniques.
(Weather permitted)

For more information please contact Art Center.
You still have time to sign for either (or both!) classes.


  1. Instantly brings to mind Monet's water lily painting. A beautiful piece, Tatiana!



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