Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Spring Joy", update.

Posting updated painting of my latest art project...
Dyes are set, scarf is washed and ready to wear!
Time to enjoy!
If interested, You can order Yours, with possibility of customization!


  1. Stunning work, Tatiana!! Can you tell me what you would charge to make a scarf for me? Probably cannot afford it right now, but you never know. My preferred palette is green with blues and purples...I like mountainous regions with trees, lilacs and hydrangeas, seascapes...still with most of palette in the greens/blues/purples. What do you think??

  2. Thank You for all Your kind words, Sherry! I would say in Your situation - just keep Your eye on what I will have available. We love about the same palette. I'm planning to do something with purple irises and who knows what also I may come up with... Right now I'm just having good time with those and not pushing myself hard toward any sort of mass production. With technique I'm using it takes me two painting sessions to get the job done (first - blocking, second - details). Most of hand-painted scarfs are done in 1 session and cost in between $75 and $90. I want to have my priced at $100, as it is evidently more work, but I still to keep it close to the same price range, as most of silk artisans do. All works will be posted on my blog... if any sings to You, let me know!

  3. Will do, Tatiana! I think the price is fine and hopefully I can swing one. I'll be watching!

  4. Just keep Your eye on my blog as You do and You not going to miss anything... Probably I'll start working on those scarfs more seriously in June. In May I have two Plein Air events I'm going to be a part of, it will take much of my time and I'll not be able to do anything with silks. Maybe just a few pieces... But after that I'm planning to do much more.



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