Monday, June 22, 2015

"Afterglow", Pastel.

"Afterglow", 18 x 24" Pastel over Oil Stain, U-art 400 2015.

This summer I'm planning to play with few bigger pieces
what will be painted after smaller studies I did (or going to do) prior that.
"Afterglow" is the first one of this kind. It is painted after "Marsh Glow" 8 x 10" study
what I did last year... That study was sold right after it was painted.

In those two works I utilized two different forms of underpainting.
"Marsh Glow" was painted on U-art stained with warm sepia tones
(fluid acrylic) and afterglow was done on much more strong
reddish/brown undertones of Oil. I also changed composition a bit.

"Marsh Glow", 8 x 10", Pastel 2014.

Both works have its own merits, but the most important part is -
I'm satisfied with how this new project  going for me and looking forward
to start another piece sometime soon.... And let see what will happen.

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