Friday, April 3, 2009

New landscape this time on La Carte.

This particular work I finished over last few nights, since lately it is only time when I can work with my paintings. I don't have a name for it. Any suggestions ?...

La Carte support from Sennelier. Holbein and Kooh-I-Noor soft pastels, charcoal underpainting.

I really, really like my new box of Kooh-I-Noor, they are softer and smoother then extra soft Sennelier, if such a thing is even possible to achieve! 


  1. A lovely work! I should give a try to those pastels. Have you ever tried van Goghs? Do you find them soft enough? I'm asking because Jaxon and Van Goghs are the only ones i have tried up to now.

  2. Hi, Cristina! Thank you for compliment! :-)
    I really can not tell much about Jaxon, I don't think we even have it here, in USA. As for Van Gogh - I bough few to try out how I like them and also because they were in open stock and I needed few extra colors additionally to my set. Can I use them? Yes. Would I expect much out of them ? Not at all. But is talented artist can draw just with a charcoal, so good artist as well can create something pretty impressive with whatever media he/she has. Definitely, if it only what you have, I would use it, but with occasion sure will try something else and don't stick just with two brands. What One likes another one may not like etc. Just try us much as you can then you will know what works for you the best.

    However... both brands you are asking about are Oils. The work what you see is done with Dry pastels. I'm somewhat new to both types (espessially Oil Pastels), so for now trying out everything I can find to figure out what I personally like... or not!



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