Thursday, April 9, 2009


Met with our friend, Karen, this morning. She is taking photography lessons and has a lot of fun with it. She told me that sometime during this week they should take a picture of waterfall and she is thinking where to find, or how to make one... I thought it should be something very special - shooting of waterfall, but really: where to find one locally?.. Afternoon had to go and meet with another good friend and then it happened - we stop in a little place called "Roadside America" to look at miniature village. It had it all - little houses, fields, mountains... waterfalls to. And this is when and how I took a picture of this waterfall. I totally love it. It reminding me some sort of glass work with all the crystal and fire in it... probably I may paint it some day.

And just few days later we went to do some photoshoot of river and spring waterfalls and just a few miles away from home found this one!

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